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Points for Installing Ductile Iron Pipes

Sep. 27, 2020

①Clean the nozzle: clean up all the debris in the socket.

②Clean the rubber ring and put it on: Wipe clean the adhesives on the rubber ring, bend the rubber ring into a "plum blossom" or "8" shape into the socket groove, and press it along the entire rubber ring with your hand. Or use a rubber hammer to make sure that all parts of the rubber ring are not warped and evenly stuck in the groove.

③Apply lubricant on the outer surface of the socket and the rubber ring: evenly apply the lubricant on the inner surface of the rubber ring installed on the socket. Apply lubricant evenly to the inner surface of the rubber ring installed at the socket, and to the outer surface of the socket when applying lubricant, brush all the socket parts outside the socket line evenly.

Ductile Iron Pipe

④Downpipe: The pipe shall be lowered to the bottom of the tank according to the requirements of the pipe, usually by manual or mechanical downpipe method.

⑤Install the equipment: Install the prepared equipment in place, and be careful not to recontaminate the cleaned pipes during installation.

⑥ Push the tube into the socket: During installation, it is easier and smoother to insert the socket into the socket. First, put the socket into the socket and press the socket onto the rubber ring in the socket, connect the wire rope and the rewinding chain, and tighten the rewinding chain; at the same time, people can shake the pipe left and right at the pipe socket end until the socket is inserted All the sockets are in place, there should be a gap of about 2mm between the socket and the socket, and the distance from the outer edge of the socket to the rubber ring should be consistent.

⑦Pipe fitting installation: As the weight of the fitting itself is relatively light, when a single steel wire rope is used during installation, it is easy to deflect the direction of the fitting, causing the rubber ring to be squeezed and cannot be installed in place. Therefore, the double inverted chain can be used to install the pipes in parallel so that the rubber ring will not be squeezed. It can also be installed with a single steel wire by extending the pipe fittings.

Recommendations for the selection of ductile iron pipes:   

1. The choice of ductile iron pipes should be based on the specific conditions of the installation site, and the interface between straight pipes and fittings should be selected.

2. The rubber ring is recommended to use the EPDM rubber ring.  

3. The choice of coating: choose a suitable coating according to the internal and external conditions of use. The existing internal coatings are epoxy resin, polyurethane internal and external coatings, PE film coatings, and other new products of ductile iron pipes, and their performance should be understood in detail when selecting them.

The above information is provided by the ductile iron joints factory.

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