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Factors Affecting the Surface Gloss of Ductile Iron Pipes

Oct. 15, 2020

The process characteristics of ductile iron pipes are also very prominent and obvious, mainly in two aspects. It is a conversion process of sulfate galvanizing. Through many experiments, we can see that the two chemicals aluminum sulfate and aluminum potassium sulfate on the galvanized layer are very stubborn and want to remove them. It's that simple. Therefore, it will affect the glossiness of the ductile iron pipe. Therefore, during the production process, the masters will consciously remove these two impurities through some solution substances. According to the requirements of the process, the ingredients will be supplemented. Then the ductile iron pipe will be You can easily complete the conversion.

Ductile Iron Pipe

There is also an optimized effect of ductile iron pipe for sulfate galvanizing. Friends who are familiar with sulfate know that the biggest advantage of such substances as sulfate zinc plating is that its response to current can reach a value of 100%, and the deposition speed is also very fast. In the galvanizing process, It is the pinnacle that no other material can reach.

The characteristics of this process improve the overall efficiency of process reorganization and maximize the advantages of various elements. Through practical inspection, we can find that this type of ductile iron pipe is no matter the appearance or from the appearance. The effect of use has become more delicate, the gloss is getting better and better, and the deposition rate is not to mention.

Analysis of the advantages of ductile iron pipes in use

Performance of ductile iron pipe and PVC plastic pipe: Compared with a ductile iron pipe, PVC pipe has the characteristics of a smooth inner wall, lightweight, good corrosion resistance, pollution prevention performance, and low price, but the main disadvantages are the following:

(1) It is prone to aging, thermal expansion, and contraction. It is not suitable to be exposed to the sun for a long time. The temperature of the storage room should not be greater than 40℃.

(2) Low strength, poor compressive performance, and improper construction easily cause deformation.

(3) Poor rigidity, but the difference in deflection, easy to cause leakage.

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