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Why Use the Ductile Iron Pipe?

May. 27, 2021

This question ostensibly implies to include "not other types of pipe materials". Well, the reasons are broad and vary depending on the project requirements. Since we are not talking about a specific project, we will explore the general reasons that make ductile iron pipe the best choice for your plumbing project. Next, the ductile iron pipe supplier will share them with you.

First, ask yourself the following questions.

Are you concerned about the long-term performance of the pipe or how long the piping system will last?

Are you concerned about the cost of operating the piping system?

Are you concerned about the actual cost of the system over its entire life cycle or throughout its life cycle?

If you answered yes to any of these questions - and as a utility or consulting engineer you probably would - then you have answered that ductile iron pipe is the right choice for you. Let's take a further look at why this is the case.

Ductile Iron Pipes

 Ductile Iron Pipes

The ductile iron pipe can provide over 100 years of relentless, high-level performance! Proof of this performance is provided by more than 560 utilities throughout North America that have had an iron pipe for more than 100 years, and many more for more than 150 years. In addition, the iron pipe has served the fountains of Versailles, France for over 300 years.

In addition, the American Water Works Association's (AWWA) publication "Buried No More: Facing America's Water Infrastructure Challenge" shows that ductile iron pipe is not only more durable than any other pipe material, but is expected to last for more than 100 years throughout North America.


How is ductile iron pipe so durable? When looking at long-term performance information, unlike other materials, a ductile iron pipe does not weaken or degrade over time. Some materials suffer from what is called "creep" and "stress regression," which causes these materials to degrade and lose strength over time.


These property losses are usually accelerated by changes in temperature, pressure, and other property factors. Ductile iron pipe is not affected in this way, so make sure that the pipe you install today will be the pipe you rely on for decades to come.

Are you concerned about the cost of operating your piping system?

If you do, the ductile iron pipe will save you money on operating costs in a number of ways, including pumping costs, open hole costs, and other structural damage that can cause breakdowns and overall repair costs.


In terms of pumping costs, the ductile iron pipe is more energy-efficient than other competing piping materials because of its oversized internal diameter. This reduces the force required to push water or other liquids through the pipe.

The inherent strength of ductile iron allows for the most economical and reliable tapping costs for services or future connections on the ductile iron pipes. This strength allows services to be tapped and screwed directly into the pipe wall itself without the need for expensive saddles, which require additional material and labor costs. In addition, because of the graphite content in the iron matrix, the ductile iron pipes can be tapped easily and quickly with minimal wear on the equipment.


Repair of ductile iron pipe is usually easy to accomplish. When a problem occurs, it is usually a point source repair that can be easily performed by installing stainless steel repair clamps or spool fittings and two constrained mechanical joint sleeves. These materials can usually be obtained from local supply yards.

Are you concerned about the actual cost of the system over its entire life cycle or its life cycle cost?

We now know that the cost of materials today is usually negligible compared to the total cost of ownership over a lifetime. We consider this lifecycle cost when making purchasing decisions on everything from cars to home appliances, electronics, and our homes.


With ductile iron pipe, the life-cycle cost is one of its greatest advantages. Because it can be passed down through generations, is economical to operate, and is easy to install and operate efficiently, its long-term or life-cycle costs are easily lower than those of any other material.

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