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Advantages of Using Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings

Apr. 09, 2021

Ductile Iron which is also known by the name of the Spheroidal graphite iron or Nodular Cast Iron was invented in 1949. This material retains the corrosion resistance of cast iron but has more than double tensile strength, i.e, Cast Iron -180 MPa (min), Ductile Iron — 420 MPa (min). The main difference between cast iron and ductile iron is characterised by the shape of the graphite in the microstructure of the metal. In the case of cast iron, graphite is present in sheet-like flakes, which makes the cast iron brittle, but in the case of ductile iron, the graphite takes the shape of spherical nodules, which increases the tensile strength and makes the ductile iron-strong and impact resistant.

Considered the most preferred pipe material for water supply and pressure sewerage application, ductile iron pipe and ductile iron fittings are used all over the world. They offer higher tensile strength and diametral stiffness than Mild Steel and retain the inherent corrosion resistance of cast iron. Substantial benefits can be obtained from Ductile Iron Pipes in terms of pressure bearing ability, impact resistance and capacity to sustain external static/dynamic loading. Modern DI Pipes are made to last over 100 years, and is an environmentally preferable product due to their recycled content, energy savings, while in service, their durability, their own recyclability and the commitment of the pipe industry.

Ductile Iron Pipes Fitting

Benefits of using Ductile Iron Pipes:


According to reports, the projected service life for modern ductile iron pipe fittings is at least 105 years and due to its longevity, there is more iron pipe in service today than any other pipe material.


Made up of around 98% recycled content, they are themselves a 100% recyclable material.

Significant energy savings are obtained during the pipe’s lifetime in service due to lower costs from increased flow capacity.

These pipes are extremely strong and can easily withstand the most severe conditions ranging from high-pressure applications to heavy earth and traffic loads, to unstable soil conditions.

Ductile Iron Pipes

Corrosion resistance

They are resistant to corrosion in most soils.

Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings is the pipe of choice to protect against surges and increased pressure loadings because of their strength, durability, and conservative design.

Easy installation

The installation is very much easy,it is safe for workers as they can cut and tap these pipes on site.

It is rugged and resists damage during handling and installation. Due to their metallic nature, these pipes can be easily located underground with conventional pipe locators.


Black iron pipe is another commonly used piping material but is it better than Ductile Iron pipes? Let’s find out.

Ductile Iron pipes normally possess thicker pipe walls and are generally stiffer than steel pipes. As such, it relies less on side fill soils to support external loads so it is necessary to achieve highly-compacted soils for ductile iron pipes for sustaining external loads.

For black iron pipes, owing to less stiffness associated with thinner pipe walls, it relies heavily on the stiffness of backfill soils in resisting external loads. So to enhance the external load carrying capacity of steel pipes, the most convenient methods are to improve the quality of backfill materials and to increase the level of soil compaction.

So it can be concluded that, for various piping projects, ductile iron is the most beneficial choice which may offer high performance for a long time and can also help to save on other additional costs. Are you looking for ductile iron pipes and fittings suppliers in China? Welcome to contact us.

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