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Advantages and Disadvantages of Ductile Iron Pipe

Aug. 31, 2020

The main components of ductile iron pipes are carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus, and magnesium. Implementation of the standard GB/T13295-2003 ISO2531/2003.

Ductile cast iron pipes are defined as pipes made from molten iron of No. 18 or above by adding spheroidizing agent and then passing through a high-speed centrifugal casting of a centrifugal nodular cast iron machine.

Folding advantages

In the medium and low-pressure pipe network, the ductile iron pipe has the advantages of safe and reliable operation, low damage rate, convenient and fast construction and maintenance, and excellent anti-corrosion performance.

Ductile Iron Pipe

Folding disadvantages

Generally not used in the high-pressure pipe network, with low-pressure resistance. Since the pipe body is relatively heavy, machinery must be used for installation. If there is water leakage after the pressure test, all the pipes must be dug out, the pipes must be hoisted to a height that can be put into the clamp, and the clamp is installed to prevent the leakage.

1. Trench excavation

The width of the groove bottom should be calculated as follows: B=D1+2(b1+b2)

Where: B- Width of excavation at the bottom of the pipeline trench (mm) D1- Width of the outer edge of the pipeline structure (mm) b1- Width of the working surface on one side of the pipeline (mm) b2- Support width on one side of the pipeline (mm).

2. Groove support

According to the trench soil quality, groundwater, slotted section, load conditions, and other factors, the design is required to be firm and reliable, to prevent collapse, and the support must not hinder the down tube and the stable tube.

3. Buttresses should be provided at the turning point of the T-shaped joint pipeline in the vertical or horizontal direction. The size of the buttress should be determined by calculation based on factors such as pipe diameter, rotation angle, and working pressure.

4. When transporting drinking water, the pipeline should not pass through the poisonous polluted area. If it must pass, protective measures should be taken.

5. All the ductile iron pipelines connected by sockets must be provided with buttresses after calculation.

6. The outer anti-corrosion coating of ductile iron pipes should be galvanized and epoxy asphalt coatings or coatings with higher requirements according to the soil conditions of the pipe application site.

7. After the pipeline is installed and the pressure test is qualified, it should be rinsed with low chloride ion water and 0.03% permanganic acid.

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