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  • Universal Flange Adaptor

  • Universal Flange Adaptor

Universal Flange Adaptor

Universal Flange Adaptor: DI body, with EPDM gasket and carbon steel 4.8 grade bolts and nuts. Flange drilling as per EN1092-2 PN10/16. Fusion-bonded epoxy coating min 250 micron.

Product Description

Universal Flange Adaptor Description:

The Universal Flange Adaptor has a Ductile Iron (DI) body, which provides strength and durability. It is designed to connect pipes with different flange drilling patterns. The flange drilling conforms to the EN1092-2 standard with PN10/16 pressure ratings, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of piping systems.

The flange adaptor is equipped with an EPDM gasket ensure a reliable and leak-proof connection. Fasten the flange adapter to the pipe using high quality carbon steel grade 4.8 bolts and nuts. The 4.8 grade indicates the strength and tensile capabilities of the bolts and nuts, ensuring a secure and long-lasting connection.

To protect the flange adaptor from corrosion and external elements, it features a fusion-bonded epoxy coating. This coating has a minimum thickness of 250 microns, providing robust protection and extending the life of the flange adaptor.

Design Features:

Ductile Iron is a widely used material for fixtures that offer sturdiness, safety and quality.

Wide tolerance fittings are perfect for connecting pipes of different sizes and materials, repairs, pressure testing and more.

Technical Specifications:

Universal Flange Adaptor

Universal Flange Adaptor

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Product Features


Connection for ductile iron pipe, steel pipe, PVC pipe and ect,

Flanged drilling EN1092-2;

Working Pressure: PN10/PN16/PN25/PN40;

Suitable for portable water, neutral liquids and sewage;

working temperature: 10℃ to +70℃;

Wars approved.


Universal flange adapters are used for water supply, industrial water, sewage and other flanged pipes. It is mainly used for connecting ductile iron pipe, steel pipe, cast iron pipe, asbestos cement pipe and PVC pipe fittings with flanges. It facilitates the assembly and disassembly of valves, pumps, flow meters and other piping equipment. In addition, with its flexibility, it can absorb slight expansion and contraction, angular displacement, thermal stress and vibration.

Areas of application:

Drinking water and wastewater;

Distribution channels;

Sewerage pipes;

Pumping stations and water treatment;


Universal Flange Adaptor


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