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  • Dismantling Joint

  • Dismantling Joint

Dismantling Joint

Dismantling Joint: Body: Ductile Iron GGG50, Galvanized steel grade 8.8 bolts and nuts, Fusion-bonded epoxy coating min 250 micron. Flange drilling EN1092-2 PN10/16/PN25/PN40

Product Description

Dismantling joint refers to a type of pipe fitting used in plumbing and pipeline systems. It is designed to facilitate the easy removal and disassembly of flanged connections, making it more convenient to replace or repair sections of pipes or valves.

The dismantling joint typically consists of two flanged ends connected by a central body with tie rods. When the tie rods are loosened, the joint can expand, allowing for movement and separation of the flanged ends. This feature makes it simpler to disconnect and remove specific sections of the pipeline without having to cut or weld the pipes.

Developed for Versatility

Disconnect fittings are double-flanged fittings that can be adjusted longitudinally up to 100 mm (4 inches) and can be locked at the desired length with the included tie rods. Not only does this system allow for quick and easy maintenance of valves, pumps or meters, it also simplifies future pipework modifications and reduces downtime when changes are required.

Easy to install

Installation is also simple, requiring only a wrench and torque wrench to tighten the high-strength steel or stainless steel tie rods. Because there are fewer holes than flanges and the tie rods act as flange attachment bolts, the process is accelerated but still provides a safe, rigid, fully end-load-resistant system with a pressure rating equal to that of the flange.

Technical Specifications:


Dismantling Joint


Dismantling Joint

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Product Features


For easy installation and disassembly of flanged equipment,

Flanged drilling EN1092-2;

Working Pressure: PN10/PN16/PN25/PN40

Suitable for portable water, neutral liquids and sewage.

working temperature: 10℃ to +70℃,

Wars approved.


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