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  • ASTM A74-SV Grey Cast Iron Pipe

  • ASTM A74-SV Grey Cast Iron Pipe

  • ASTM A74-SV Grey Cast Iron Pipe

  • ASTM A74-SV Grey Cast Iron Pipe

ASTM A74-SV Grey Cast Iron Pipe

ASTM A74-SV Grey cast iron pipe and fittings are internally and externally finished with black epoxy coating

Product Description


ASTM A74-SV refers to the standard specification for gray iron castings for valves, flanges, and pipe fittings. This specification covers gray iron castings used in various industrial applications, such as plumbing, water distribution, and wastewater systems.

Gray cast iron is a type of cast iron that contains graphite flakes, which give it its characteristic gray appearance. It has excellent machinability and good wear resistance, making it suitable for applications where strength and durability are required.

ASTM A74-SV establishes the requirements for chemical composition, tensile strength, hardness, microstructure, and other mechanical properties of gray iron castings used for specific purposes. This standard ensures that the castings meet certain quality and performance standards, making them safe and reliable for their intended applications.

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Specification of Grey Cast Iron Pipe:

ASTM A74-SV Grey Cast Iron Pipe

Product Features


1. Long service life of more than 100 years.

2. Flexible interface. Excellent anti-vibration features, suitable for anti-seismic protection in high buildings.

    Whatever axial deformation within 35mm causes no leakage;

    Transverse vibration deflection reaches 31,5mm with no leakage;

    Flexibly connected by a neoprene rubber washer as an inside lining with a stainless steel hoop, providing good seal and permitting vibration within 15° with no leakage.

3. Centrifugally casted with even wall thickness, fine structure, smooth surface, no casting drawbacks such as pinhole porosity or slag;

4. Low-noise irreplaceable pipes provide residents with the quietest and the most comfortable living environment;

5. Easy installation and maintenance;

6. Light weight. Layout length 20-30% greater than sand casting pipes;

7. Fireproof. Pipes' fire-resistance is well known in the world;

8. High strength, excellent impact resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, excellent aging resistance;

9. Installed pipes are beautiful and decorative;

10. 100% of the products pass the hydraulic test to guarantee no leakage from the inside and no infiltration from the outside.

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ASTM A74-SV Grey Cast Iron Pipe

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