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  • EN545 Double Flanged Bend

  • EN545 Double Flanged Bend

  • EN545 Double Flanged Bend

  • EN545 Double Flanged Bend

  • EN545 Double Flanged Bend

EN545 Double Flanged Bend

EN545 Double Flanged Bend, Internal sulphate-resisting cement mortar lining comply with ISO4179, external sprayed metallic Zinc coating (min.130g/m2) according to ISO8179 + bitumen painting (min.70μm) according to BS3416.Flange drilling EN1092-2, PN10/PN16.

Product Description

Our ductile iron fittings are produced with vacuum lost foam Process according to standard ISO2531 EN545 and EN598.

Advantages of vacuum lost foam technique:

a) Higher productivity and faster delivery.

b) The castings have excellent finish with much less pinhole or blowhole.

c) With even thickness.

d) Maintains high dimensional accuracy, which is so vital for the leak-tightness.

e) Any combination and length of fittings can be more flexible.

Main Standard Ductile Iron Fitting Types:

No.Ductile Iron Fitting TypeGraph
1Flanged SocketFlanged Socket
2Flanged SpigotFlanged Spigot
4Double Socket BendDouble Socket Bend
5All Socket TeeAll Socket Tee
6Double Socket Tee with Flanged BranchDouble Socket Tee with Flanged Branch
7Double Socket TaperDouble Socket Taper
8Double Flanged BendDouble Flanged Bend
9All Flanged TeeAll Flanged Tee
10Double Flanged TaperDouble Flanged Taper
11Blank FlangeBlank Flange
12Socket Flanged TaperSocket Flanged Taper
13Socket Spigot BendSocket Spigot Bend
14Flange Socket CrossFlange Socket Cross
15All Flanged CrossAll Flanged Cross

Note: For non-standard or special fittings, welcome to contact us for more information!

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